Tankless water heaterHot Water on Demand

Tankless water heaters are a favorite among household appliances. They are highly efficient, space savers, and cost-effective.

Tankless gas water heaters last longer than tanked heaters, provide hot water whenever you want it, for as long as you want it, and will save you a nice chunk of change every month. Most reviewers report 30-40% reductions in their gas bills! These devices are a worthwhile investment based on their convenience alone. Their financial savings and environmental friendliness only sweeten the bargain!

Compared to electric models, gas-powered units have better cold-weather performance and average lower fuel costs over time. They’re also more reliable over the long term.

If a boiler seems a bit much for your needs, we know you would love our tankless water heaters. Upgrade from paying high hydro bills due to your hot water tank. These units will save you both money, and space, while heating water on-demand.

Gallons Per Minute / Flow Rate
Measures steady flow of hot water usage

Fixture / Appliance                       Typical Flow Rates

Bathroom Faucet                           0.5 - 1.5 GPM

Low Flow Kitchen Faucet               1.0 - 2.5 GPM

Shower                                           1.0 - 2.0 GPM

Dishwasher                                     1.0 - 2.5 GPM

                                                                                                                     Clothes Washer                               1.5 - 3.0 GPM