Hot Water TankHot water tanks, although are starting to fade away, they still being the most popular ways of heating water in households.

A hot water heater is a staple in every home. Without it, you would not be able to enjoy hot water when washing, showering, doing dishes, and so on.

The difference in choosing the right hot water tank, from a sub-optimal solution, can determine a big difference in monthly savings on hydro bills. We carry the safest, most efficient hot water tanks available in the market today. With the huge range of water tank heating technologies, it can be hard, if not confusing, to choose the right choice for your needs.

Typically hot water storage tanks are wrapped in heat insulation to reduce energy consumption, speed up the heating process, and maintain the desired operating temperature. Thicker thermal insulation reduces standby heat loss. Water heaters are available with various insulation ratings but it is possible to add layers of extra insulation on the outside of a water heater to reduce heat loss. In extreme conditions, the heater itself might be wholly enclosed in a specially constructed insulated space.